Abbaye de Georgenthal

Géolocalisation sur la carte : Thuringe

Géolocalisation sur la carte : Allemagne

L‘abbaye de Georgenthal est une ancienne abbaye cistercienne à Georgenthal, dans le Land de Thuringe, en Allemagne.

L’abbaye est fondée en 1142 grâce au comte Sizzo III. von Schwarzburg-Kevernburg (de) et occupée l’année suivante par des moines venant de l’abbaye de Morimond, dont Everhard von Berg (de), le fils d’Adolphe Ier de Berg. Le monastère obtient une grande influence et des propriétés foncières. Il atteint son apogée au début du XVIe siècle. Au cours de la guerre des Paysans allemands safe reusable water bottles, en 1525, l’abbaye est pillée et presque entièrement détruite, les moines fuient vers la ville de Gotha (à 16 km au sud de Georgenthal). Jean de Saxe prononce la dissolution en 1528 bpa free plastic water bottles. Les bâtiments sont démontés comme une carrière.

De l’abbaye, il ne reste aujourd’hui plus que des ruines ; les fondations sont mises au jour entre 1840 et 1906. L’église

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, probablement le premier bâtiment en voûte de Thuringe, est une basilique à trois nefs, avec à l’origine un chœur en cinq absidioles, puis vers 1250 un grand chœur rectangulaire inspiré de l’abbaye de Cîteaux. Au nord de l’église se trouvent les restes de bâtiments (sans doute les lieux de vie) avec deux salles à trois nefs séparées par deux couloirs. La clôture religieuse et le cloître sont au sud.

Il y a aussi un grenier (sans doute d’abord une infirmerie) à l’ouest de l’église, un bâtiment avec une grande maçonnerie qui avait une rose entrelacée au pignon (aujourd’hui au musée d’histoire locale). On trouve aussi un „château“ (une maison de soins infirmiers), construit au cours des XVIe et XVIIe siècles, qui devait aussi accueillir les hôtes. La conciergerie avec des voûtes date du XIIIe siècle.

Sur les autres projets Wikimedia&nbsp stainless steel lime squeezer;:

Padampur, Nepal

साबिक पदमपुर गाबिस ( हाल कालिका नगरपालिका )

Padampur is a village development committee in Chitwan District in the Narayani Zone of southern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 8884 people living in 1559 individual was transferred in new location named Saguntol by Government of Nepal and completed with in 8 years i.e. from 2050 BS to 2058BS. previously it was at the lap of Rapati river and inside the Chitwan National Park . flood of Rapati river in monsoon season destroy farmers crops . wild animalS also harmed their crops . Transportation, electricity, road and educational facilities were beyond people’s access. It was known as one of the remote areas of the Chitwan district . In a view of agriculture, It was the best place for farmers . After the new dawn of democracy in 2046, New government was asked to shift this village for peoples safety and conservation of forest and wild animal . The cabinet of Girija Prasad Koirala was assured to shift in a convenience place soon and started the task immediately . The late Sailaja Acharya visited the people and understood their griefs and proposed to shift it next to Sagoontol near Jutpani VDC . This was a very difficult task to accomplish successfully .People from the Western Chitwan were stood against it but government took bold decision in favour of people of Padampur . Now it is about 2 safe reusable water bottles.5  km east to Bharatpur, district headquarters of Chitwan . Electricity, roads and transportation facility are comparatively better here . 2800 house holds were there now .According to the 2001 census, the total population of the VDC was 11336 with total households 2137 (Immigration increased rapidly after relocation by almost 50% with in 10 years reaching 3,231 households consisting 14,924 people). Tharus are the dominant ethnic group with 45.89% of the total VDC population. Brahman, Kshetri, Tamang, Gurung and Newar are other castes here. Mainly banana, maize and oil are farmed here. Except ward no 1 there are deep tubewells to Irrigate farmlands. Poultry, dairy, epiculture

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, mushroom farming and goat keeping have great potentials here. A campus, A higher secondary school, a secondary boarding school and other 7 primary and lower secondary schools are providing education here. Health post,and Post office are too doing their best for providing services to locals . Drinking water is provided in better and modern way . pipelines of drinking water are available within all roads (113 km) of Padampur. An NGO veterinary office is also serving and helping farmers . Since last 5 years this VDC is starting to be known as one of pocket areas of commercial banana farming of the nation. Nobody is landless here and this is the special feature here. Padampur is very attractive location for migratory view and daily people are migrating here. it is like a colonial place for settlement of people . Government has sifted it in a well planned way and that’s why it is the second model VDC of Nepal ( first is In Bardiya district).Now this village has merged in Kalika Municipality and shares 4 wards in it i.e. kalika -9, kalika-10 ,kalika-11 and kalika-12 .

Being newly created VDC of Nepal, it was popularly known in all Nepal for its better location. Researchers and students frequently choose it for the social issues. It is famous for its planned model of geography. People wonder when they come first time here. Bhimbali temple, water tank, community forest, dairy office and high school are attractive to view.

Shaheed smriti multiple campus is located in padampur -4 . It was started from 2061 BS and conducting graduation study locally .It is another attraction of this is the extension branch of saheed Smriti Multiple Campus, Ratnanagar, Tandi . Hari prasad Kadel was the co-coordinator of this campus in incorporating time.Mr.posta Raj Aryal is the recent coordinator here.

. With a history stretching back over 30 years( main campus at Ratnanagar), providing quality education within a modern educational environment and strong academic staffs, Shaheed Smriti Multiple campus is strongly identified with its academic excellence and homely environment. Since its inception and foundation, SSMC has assumed a pivotal role in educating marginalized and disadvantaged people of the community. SSMC has been providing quality education to the students by providing access to modern education facilities and affordable fees. Now, SSMC has been running classes in different faculties such as Management, Education and Humanities from under graduate to Masters Level. The campus is fully devoted in producing competent and skilled professionals in the related fields.

Vision: SSMC will be an academically sound, economically self-sustained, socially responsible and culturally harmonious centre of excellence both as an academic institution providing highly demanding quality education; and as an international centre for research developing and disseminating knowledge of national/international quest and demand.

Mission: The mission of SSMC is to develop itself as a leading academic institution that will provide equal opportunity of quality education for all at affordable fee structure. The guiding principles of this institution are quality, financial sustainability, demand orientation and equality

Recognition: University Grants Commission (UGC) recognizes SSMC for its precious academic history and excellent results. UGC has selected this campus for Second Higher Education Project throughout Nepal.

Affiliation: Tribhunan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

For marginal and almost people need saving for the endowment of their different family works .for it wholesale soccer shirts, cooperative ornganization are primely important . some successfully operating cpoperative organizations are as follows.

for the development of local area, local leader are contributing us .not less but more some leaders have played key roles to shift this VDC from the previous location i.e. Rapatipari . still they are serving us continuously and that’s why we are credited towards them . some of our leaders are as follows .

1.Nanada pd.Bhattrai 2.Dimbar Ram chaudhary 3.Hatthuram chaudhary 4.jitbahadur chaudhary 5.Jayachandra cchaudhary 6.kamal pd.acharya 7.Ramchandra poudel 8.Tika raj rijal

It is the only one higher secondary school of padampur. Approximately 1200 students are currently studying here from nursery to grade 12. There are 36 staff members. Dr.Hari prasad kandel is the principal and Biisnu pd. Adhikari is the vice principal of the school . The school building consists of one 3 storied main building and two one storied buildings. It is located in the middle of the VDC. Approximately 1200 students are studying here.It has started English medium classes & fascinating more students and parents these days.Clean ,green and peace is the motto of this school this time with quality education .It has aimed to stand the pioneer school in the district.

It is the main drinking water supply office of padampur and was founded in 2061 . It is located at padampur-8. It is based on water resource rule of Nepal and affiliated to Khane pani division office Chitwan. It is Deep Tubewell water system and covered the whole padampur VDC having pipeling more than 100&nbsp large waterproof containers;km, it is one of modern and expensive project accomplished by government sector..The overhead water thank is 32 meter high and can carry 4,50,000 liters at once. It has more than 15000 consumers. The drinking water is no more main issue in this place.

Except main Undergrounded drinking water supply system there are three other independent drinking water supply communities in ward no 1 (started since BS 2056),2 and 8(started since BS 2059). The water sources of these communities are located in the Mahabharat hill. The spa of the communities 2and 8 is same where as community (Churiya ) of warrd no. 1 gets from spa near Gairibaari, a village of Shaktikhor VDC. All of theses 3 communities have their own overhead water thanks capable of storing 60,000L of water.

Moreover, there are several manually dug water wells for drinking water specially in ward no 6,5,4,and 9 more successfully by private sector.

There are varieties of people living in padampur. Tharu people are the main land owner then but now they are in minority in population .Tamang, Gurung, Brahmin ,newar , darai ,chepang and other caste of people live here .The migration rate is growing day by day . It has been famous place in Nepal .

Oekraïne op de Olympische Spelen

Oekraïne is een van de landen die deelneemt aan de Olympische Spelen. Oekraïne debuteerde op de Winterspelen van 1994 safe reusable water bottles. Twee jaar later, in 1996, kwam het voor het eerst uit op de Zomerspelen.

Tot 1991 was het land als de SSR Oekraïne onderdeel van de Sovjet-Unie en namen de Oekraïners (eventueel) deel als lid van het Sovjetteam goalie for soccer. In 1992 werd er zowel op de Winter- als Zomerspelen deelgenomen met het Gezamenlijk team op de Olympische Spelen.

In 2010 nam Oekraïne voor de vijfde keer aan de Winterspelen, in 2012 voor de vijfde keer deel aan de Zomerspelen. Het is een van de 44 landen die zowel op de Zomer- als de Winterspelen een medaille haalde, 121 in totaal.

De tabel geeft een overzicht van de jaren waarin werd deelgenomen, het aantal gewonnen medailles en de eventuele plaats in het medailleklassement.

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