Garuda Bandung

Garuda Bandung is an Indonesian basketball club based in the city of Bandung, West Java province. The club is a member of the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL). Its most recent success came as a championship in the 2010 Jakarta Governor’s Cup tournament.

According to the official club website, Garuda Bandung was born in 1991, and carried the name Hadtex Indosyntec Basket Ball Club. The project was a brainchild of the Board of Directors of PT Hadtex Indosyntec. In 1994 Hadtex Indosyntec joined the KOBATAMA, changing its name into Panasia Indosyntec. The club subsequently went into sponsorhip changes. In 2004, the club was renamed Senatama Garuda Panasia, and in 2007, under new management, the club rechristened itself as Garuda Panasia Bandung. In 2008, playing in the top-level IBL, Garuda Bandung emerged as runners-up to Satria Muda BritAma.

Endri Erawan and Maulana Fareza Tamrella

The team’s first logo was stolen from Emory University Eagles athletics, located in Druid Hills, Georgia, USA.[citation needed] They changed their logo in 2012, but the new logo is also stolen.[citation needed]

Surliyadin Diftha Prathama Luke Martinus Gary Jacobs Jr Galank Gunawan Roderick Flemmings Januar Guntara Reza Guntara Pandu Wiguna Hans Abraham Gunawan Raymond Shariputra

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