Mercedes-Benz E-Class (C207)

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class (C207 and A207) are the respective coupé and convertible versions of the fourth generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class automobile. Sold since 2009 by Mercedes-Benz, the C207 and A207 replaced the previous C209/A209 CLK-Class models. Like the CLK-Class predecessor water bottle sports, the C207/A207 E-Class are derived from the C-Class. Sedan and station wagon models of the E-Class of the same vintage are built on their own platform and are known as the W212 and S212. The coupé and convertible share a more aggressive, swifter look than the sedan and saloon, with a more svelte front and a sleeker bonnet.

The C207 E-Class shares its platform with the W204 C-Class sedan. Therefore, wheelbases are identical, the axle tracks are within a tenth of an inch of each other, and are about two inches narrower than the front and rear tracks of the W212 E-Class sedan. While the W212 E-Class sedan is built at the Sindelfingen plant, the E-Class C207 coupe is built in the Bremen plant alongside the W204 C-Class. Mercedes-Benz is defensive about this relationship, clarifying the original media reports by announcing that the C207 shares approximately 60 percent of its mechanical components with the W212. However, this includes powertrain and other technologies that are shared with the E-Class but does not alter the fact that the fundamental structure is W204 derived. Motor Trend, along with other media outlets reported that the coupe „feels nothing like the new E-Class sedan“ to drive subzero water bottle. Mercedes-Benz actually intended for the C207/A207 to be called CLK custom glass water bottles, but moved over to the E-Class name later on.

The A207 cabriolet was unveiled January 11, 2010 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It went on sale March 27, 2010 in Europe and in May 2010 in the United States.

Models available in the USA are the E350 (302 bhp) and E550 (402 hp) version. The US versions of the cabriolet feature the AIRSCARF system (a neck-level heating system for front occupants) and the new AIRCAP windshield spoiler system, deflecting air over the cabin for reduced draft and wind noise.

In Australia, a 1.8-litre four-cylinder E250 CGI model is available, as well as a 2.1-litre four-cylinder diesel model known as the E250 CDI. AIRSCARF and AIRCAP are the only options on the E250 models.

Skiskyting under Vinter-OL 2014

Skiskyting under Vinter-OL 2014 ble avholdt på Laura ski- og skiskytingkompleks i perioden 8. til 22. februar 2014. Dette var første gang det ble avholdt en stafett med blandede lag etter at dette ble godkjent av IOK i 2011.

Anlegget som ble benyttet til de elleve øvelsene ligger ca. 60 km fra Sotsji. For første gang telte ikke OL-øvelsene med i verdenscupen i skiskyting.

Alle tider er lokal tid (UTC+4).

Utdypende artikkel: Skiskyting under Vinter-OL 2014 – Kvalifisering

En totalkvote på 220 utøvere får konkurrere under OL (113 menn og 107 kvinner). Landene er tildelt kvoter ved hjelp av en kombinasjon av resultatene til sine utøvere i individuelle sprintkonkurranser og stafettkonkurransene under VM i skiskyting 2012 og 2013. Norge har kvalifisert seks menn og seks kvinner til OL i Sotsji.

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