Dancing with the Dead (play)

Dancing with the dead (comic thriller in two acts) is a 2005 play by Georgian playwright Miho Mosulishvili.

On background permanently proceeding war in the Caucasus, near border mountains is situated hotel ‚Dreamland of Mountains‘ socks for soccer. This hotel bought two married couple: Boa (wife) and Davy (husband) dry pack waterproof case; Lily (wife) and Tattoo (husband).

The trouble begins when it will appear that their partner in sales of heroin of Siko-torpedo (this character we don’t see in the play) brought a gift a suitcase in which owe a life two million dollar, but five hundred thousand dollars doesn’t suffice that at the local prices makes cost thousand heroin grams.

Boa (wife) compels to the husband, Davy that it too took a stick of golf in hands and let it too will go to kill other couple.

In that too time, Tattoo (husband) compels to the wife, Lily that it too took a stick of golf in hands and let it too went to kill other couples.

When lagged behind the live Lily (the widow of Tattoo) and Devy (widower Boa) from hotel take out corpses, shoes of the killed spouses start knocking on a ladder and Poured and Tattoo start dancing with corpses on a back (The play name from here turns out).

Owner who will provide proofs comes that accident was is arranged is artificial and he back returned already the money, but only for this purpose doesn’t kill Lily and Davy that newlyweds have to liquidate Siko-torpedo.

Both are more dead football tees for women, Boa and Tattoo are already in heavens where they the teacher of golf have William Shakespeare, and in Solfeggio they are engaged under the direction of the inventor of music notes Guido of Arezzo.

Owner who supervised and ruled all these events, is sure that he created more successful play, than his friend William Shakespeare.

Holger Reenberg

Holger Christian Frederik Reenberg (3. september 1872 i København – 21. marts 1942 på Frederiksberg) var en dansk skuespiller.

Reenberg debuterede som skuespiller 6. september 1896 i Helsingør, og han optrådte i de følgende 4 år udelukkende i provinsen. Herefter havde han engagementer ved forskellige københavnske teatre: Ved Casino 1900-1910, 1911-1912, 1914-1917 og 1935-1936. Ved Dagmarteatret 1910-1911 og 1917-1922. Ved Folketeatret 1912-1914, 1933-1934 og 1937-1939. Ved Betty Nansen Teatret 1922-1930 coffee bottle thermos. Ved Det kongelige Teater 1930-1933. Ved Det Ny Teater 1934-1935.

Han debuterede som filmskuespiller i 1912 og nåede at indspille en række stumfilm, inden han i 1931 indspillede sin første tonefilm Hotel Paradis.

Fra 1939 og indtil sin død var han bevillingshaver til Fasan Bio football tee.

Holger Reenbergs repertoire favnede karakterroller og i den lettere ende roller som førsteelsker lint ball remover machine. Med sin gode sangstemme gjorde han også fyldest i operettefaget.

Holger Reenberg var gift 3 gange. Første ægteskab blev indgået 1. juni 1901 med skuespiller Marie Sophie Christine Sørensen (4. september 1876 – 4. november 1942). Han blev gift anden gang den 12. oktober 1920 med skuespiller Magda Helene Borving Eriksen (13. november 1897 – 2 football tees for women. marts 1976) med hvem han i 1919 fik datteren Annelise Reenberg. Den 18. februar 1928 blev han gift med skuespiller Ellen Carla Marie Carstensen (12. august 1899 – 20. november 1985) med hvem han i 1927 fik sønnen Jørgen Reenberg. Sammen med skuespiller Olga Svendsen fik han i 1906 datteren Elga Olga.

Holger Reenberg er begravet på Frederiksberg ældre kirkegård.

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